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EURECOM is a A small but dynamic graduate school and research center in communications systems created in 1991 in Sophia Antipolis, Europe's leading international science park. Institut.One of the key success factors of EURECOM's project was to understand the importance of the international dimension, particularly in its area of expertise, telecommunications. The legal structure chosen by EURECOM reinforces this international facet of the school by bringing together academic partners and industrial partners from around the world (Aalto University (Helsinki), Politecnico di Torino, Ecoles Polytechniques of Lausanne and Zurich, Technische Universität München, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Swisscom, CISCO Systems, BMW Group


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The BIORAFALE is a national project that aims at providing solutions for optimal processing for detection, identification of subjects in a non-controlled context. Further, it would open the path for a national industrialization of an advanced real-time and robust system for face identification to reinforce the safety in all public places or/and private residences. BIORAFALE pushes the limit beyond most available face recognition systems to come up with an innovative system, which is reasonably good in all test cases.

Finally, the civil and military applications within BIORAFALE open the door for a large international market offering various application fields profitable to the industry, the French government and the European states.



VideoSense is a European project which aims at the integration of leading European research groups to create a long-term open integration of critical mass in the twin areas of Ethically-Guided, and, Privacy Preserving Video Analytics.
The advent of new data intelligence technologies against the background of dynamic societal and citizen’s goals, norms, expectations, safety and security needs have all contributed to a complex interplay of influences which deserve in-depth study and solution seeking in order for the European society, citizen and industry to strike the optimal balance in resolution of the various challenges in this arena. 

The VideoSense Virtual Centre of Excellence will play a significant role in this by bringing together a critical mass of leading experts and resources that will foster significant advances in the domain of ethically-aware data and video analytics with a synergic and integrated approach. VideoSense efforts will fill capability gaps and provide clear added-value to security needs both from the technical perspective as well as from the ethical and regulatory one; in VideoSense the respect of privacy and civil liberties will be both a guiding principle as well as part of the delivered results.



TABULA RASA is a European project which addresses some of the issues of direct (spoofing) attacks against trusted biometric systems. This is a topic that needs to be addressed urgently because it has recently been shown that conventional biometric techniques are vulnerable to direct (spoof) attacks. The aim of this project is to develop countermeasures against different types of spoofing attacks. The biometric tasks included in this project are face, iris, fingerprint, voice, gait, electro-physiology, and multi-modal biometrics. The image group of Eurecom is leading efforts to develop countermeasures against 3D face spoofing attacks. Since the recent introduction and development of 3D face recognition systems, the main issues which have been addressed are related to expression variations or occlusions, i.e. robustness against intra- versus inter- class variability. However, spoofing attacks against 3D face recognition systems, where a malicious user might pretend to be someone else at the sensor or acquisition point of the system, still remain under investigated. Our responsibility in this project is to fill this gap in 3D face recognition.

The consortium for TABULA RASA project is composed of IDIAP, STARLAB, UOULU, UAM, UNICA, MORPHO, CSSC, EURECOM, CASIA, USOU, KEY and BIO. All partners work on developing countermeasures for different types of biometric tasks to prevent spoofing attacks.



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